Student Organizations:

We know that there are many different student organizations and groups that students can join throughout campus, however, here are the ones we feature for our Sociology undergraduates, and graduates:

Undergraduate Sociology Club
Sociology Graduate Student Association
Graduate and Professional Student Government Association
Alpha Kappa Delta


Sociological Associations:

We encourage you to check out our list of Sociological Associations.
Sociological Associations provide a variety of resources and support for graduate students such as access to sociology newsletters and journals, honors programs, networking, career resources, and funding opportunities.

Sociological Associations




The College of Arts and Sciences offers many events through the year that offers way to connect with both Sociology majors, and other Arts and Sciences majors.
We encourage you to check out their events calendar for events and details on those, as well as staying in touch with their forms of social media, that can be found on their webpage:

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The Department of Sociology also offers events that are catered towards Sociology majors, but open to students of all majors.
For more information, please see our Events Calendar.


Social Media:

The Department of Sociology also has social media.
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Finally, we ask that if you have any information/news you'd like to share with the department, please contact us at: (405) 744-6105.