At Oklahoma State University, undergraduate Sociology students are extending the borders of learning past the traditional classroom experience and transforming their college experiences through research, scholarship and creative endeavors.

Honors Track

Each majors in the Collage of Arts & Sciences, including Sociology, offers an Honors Track, in addition, many students go on to write their Senior Honors Thesis, a capstone project that requires research with the major. More information can be found below:
Honors Thesis Information
The Honors College


Client Problem Solving Competition

Emphasizing the value of undergraduate research, each year the department sends a team of undergraduates with a department sponsor to the Association for Applied & Clinical Sociology (AACS) conference hosted in various U.S. cities annually.
At the conference, students take part in a competition where using the applied skills they learn in sociology, as well as research and insights they gather from sociologists and practitioners in attendance, to solve a problem faced by a local agency. This opportunity gives the students a chance to apply what they've learned in the classroom to a real world problem, experience in teamwork and time management, and serves as a valuable networking and conference opportunity for the next generation of practicing social scientists.
In the past, the student team has taken home several awards, including the first place prize in 2019. We encourage those who'd like to take part in this opportunity to express interest to our advisor.


Resources from the College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences is the largest college on Oklahoma State University's campus, therefore they have so many opportunities for research to choose from. Below is the link to their page of unique research opportunities within the College of Arts & Sciences:
CAS Student Research Opportunities


Departmental Resources

Students are always encouraged to submit their original work to a variety of undergraduate journals and conference presentations as a means of engaging with, and contributing to, the field of sociological research. We also encourage undergraduates to reach out to the faculty members within their research topic of interest to mentor them on their research path, or an advisor who can provide further resources or contacts in their research interest. You can find a list of our faculty members or advisor with their research interests on their profile in the links below:
Our Faculty
Our Advisor


Outside Resources

Council on Undergraduate Research