Title of Dissertation Author Date
Success Strategies of Female Prison Wardens: Managing Gender Identity in a Nontraditional Occupation Altendorf, Karen 2003
Neutralizing Deviancy Among Adolescents in Bahrain Ayars, Brooke 2006
League or the Grind: a Sociological Examination of the Post-collegiate Experience of African-american Male Athletes Beamon, Krystal Kashe' 2005-07
Of One Voice? Mormon Attitudes Toward the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment Brame, Wendy Jean 2010-12
Families of Homicide Victims Speak: an Examination of Perceptions of the Criminal Justice System and Capital Punishment Burns, Jaime Lynn 2006-05
I Am Who You Say I Am, I Am What You Make Me: an Exploratory Analysis of Gangs in the Heartland Cephus-Wilson, Corinice L. 2012-05
Ethnic Organizations and Ritual Dynamics: Exploration of an Asian Indian Community Dasari, Adam Stephen 2008-07
Construction and Maintenance of Power Through Ritual: the Orange Order and Orange Parades in Northern Ireland Edwards, Jennifer Lynn 2004-07
An Examination of the Conceptual Underpinnings of Community Policing Program Phi8losophy: The Case of Neighborhood-Oriented Crime Control Strategies Egbo, Ken 2000
Embodied and Compressed Spheres: the Influences of Social Structure on Adolescent Sexual Debut and Pregnancy Elias, Vicky L. 2011-07
Discourse among the Truthers and Deniers of 9/11: Movement-countermovement Dynamics and the Discursive Field of the 9/11 Truth Movement Ellefritz, Richard G. 2014-07
Significance of Legal and Extra Legal Variables in Predicting Sentencing Outcomes Under Oklahoma's Community Sentencing Act Hadwiger, Joy 2007-07
Audience Experience & Response Within the Single Sex-Secondary Military Boarding School: A Dramaturgical Analysis Hendrickson, Patti 2003
Examination of Ritual Abuse Laws: an Integrative Conflict Model Adaptation for a Contemporary Analysis of Law Formation (California, Idaho) Hodges, Stanley H 2006-12
Cross-National Interaction, Corss National Inequality and Variation in Immigration: An Examination of the Flow of Professionals to the U.S. From All World Karaca, Feyyaz 2003
Environmental Degradation and Disrupted Social Fabric in the Tar Creek Basin Kennedy, Dennis K. 2008-07
Aesthetic Authenticity: Consummatory Experience in the Marketplace Mason, James Dailey 2011-07
Framing Environmental Degradation: the Environmental Movement and Consumption Meij, Jan-Martijn 2009-05
Tulsa Race Riot of 1921: Determining Its Causes and Its Framing Messer, Chris M. 2008-07
Wall Flowers to Glowing Bells: The Social Transformation of Physicians in Practice Mills, Randy 2000
The Theory of Structural Ritualization and the Social Construction of Gender Inequality in the Central Region of Malawi Minton, Carol 2003
Challenges of Women Volunteers and Activists in Women's Ngos in India: a Feminist Standpoint Analysis Mitra, Aditi 2005-07
And How Do You Feel About That? Counseling and Emotion Work in a University Setting Myers, Christina 2004-07
Collective and Collected Memories: The Construction and Maintenance of Chickasaw Identity Paul, John 2003
Citizen Response to Natural Resource Disputes: the Case of the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer in South Central Oklahoma Peaden, Charles C. 2006-12
Queering Marriage: an Investigation of Same-gender Civil Unions in Contemporary American Society Phillips, Gay Elizabeth 2008-07
Becoming an Embalmer's Apprentice: an Assessment and Application of Existential Sociology Probstfield, Meghan Daniel 2006-05
Discrimination and the Battle for Full Social Acceptance: A Socio-Historical Examination of the Plight of the Seminole Freedmen in Oklahoma Robertson, Ray 2002
Habitat's Hammer: Cultural Tools and Volunteer Cognitions at Work in Habitat for Humanity Robinson, James W. 2004-12
Risk and the Production of Symbolic Safety: a Study of Weapons Incineration in Anniston, Alabama Ross, Jeremy Allen 2012-07
"Because it is My Body, and I Own It, and I Am in Charge": Power and Resistance in Biomedical and Midwifery Models of Birth Ross, Kathryn Worman 2013-05
Dark Age Phases as Periods of Ecological Crisis: an Analysis of the Interplay Between Economy, Nature, and Culture in East Asia (China) Sarabia, Daniel 2004-07
Ethnic Identity Formation and Ritual Dynamics : an Analysis of First-Generation Asian Indian Immigrants in the Southern Plains Regions of the United States Sen, Basudhara 2013-07
Female Images in Video Games and the Effect of Body Image on College Age Women Seyler, Melissa 2002
Information and Communication Technology Development and Anthropogenic Global Warming: a Cross-national Panel Study of Ict Development on Carbon Dioxide Emissions 1990-2009 Simpson, Joseph Michael 2013-12
Prosecutorial Discretion in Drug Offenses by Women in Oklahoma: an Exploration of the Effect of Race/Ethnicity and Class on Charging/Sentencing of Women in the State of Oklahoma Smith-Mahdi, Jackquice 2004-07
Making Snese of the Experiences of People Living with HIV/AIDS: an Application of Goffman's Frame Analysis Stephens, Regina M. 1998-2000
Educational Identity Formation and Transformations: Life-history Analysis of First-generation, Adult College Students Tucker, Natalee Danea 2014-07
Assessing Organization Variation in Long-term Care: a Structural Ritualization Analysis of Maltreatment in For-Profit and Non-Profit Nursing Homes Ulsperger, Jason 2003
American Golf and the Development of A Civilized Code of Conduct: a Ritualized Symbolic Rules and Standard of Civility in the American Golfing Society Varner, Monica 2000
Perceptions of Campus Crime Vermillion, Mark 2006-07
"Clean Coal" is Like Saying "Dry Water"! Corporate Communication Strategies, Risk Definition, and Power in the Controversy Over Oklahoma'S Proposed Red Rock Coal-Fired Plant Waldo, Kristin Greta 2013-07
To Teach and to Entertain: the Production of Legal Culture in 16th and 17th Century China Wu, Yanhong 2008-12
Authoritarian Cosmos: Complexity, Elective Affinities and the Thermodynamics of the Self Zschau, Toralf 2010-07
Institutional Dependency: a Theory of Aging in Prison Aday, Ronald Howard 1976-12
Sociology of the Classroom: An Exploratory Study of the Classroom as a Social Environment Albert, Charles Rodney 1973-05
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Probation and Parole Officers' Perceptions Of Alcoholism and Alcoholics Berger, Elizabeth Ann Barnhill 1980-12
Relationships Between Purpose in Life and Longitudinal Variables in a College Environment Bourdette, John Robert 1974-07
Peer Mediation in a Juvenile Institution Bowman, Sharolyn Wallace 1997-05
Follow-up Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Medium Security State Prison's Vocational Training Program on Parolees Boyle, Hal 1978-12
America's Aged: a Sociological Approach to Newspaper Coverage Buchholz, Michael Oran 1979-12
Female Criminality: Alterations of Merton's Strain Theory as Applied to the Evaluation of the Female Offender Regimented Training Program Camp, David Andrew 1995-05
Relationship Between Black Studies, Self-concept, and Academic Performance of Black Students on White Campuses in the Southwest Carey, Phillip 1975-07
Reference Group and Aging: a Cross-National Study Chang, Rosanna Hwei-Chen 1977-07
Differential Handling of Offenders in the Juvenile Court: a Study in the Sociology of Law Comby, III, Henry Burchard 1981-07
Social Structural Labeling and Self-labeling of the Aged Corbett, Sherry Lee 1974-05
Sociological Analysis of Poaching: Techniques of Neutralization Used by Deer Poachers in the Western United States Eliason, Stephen L. 1998-05
Multi-Level Analysis of the Nursing Home Environment: Staff Attitudes; Resident Integration; Resident Morale Ernst, Marvin Leslie 1972-07
Adjustment of Men to Retirement: an Examination from a Life Course Perspective Ford, David Allan 1988-05
Comparison of Urban Rural Placement of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities in Oklahoma Foster, Mary Luann 1996-12
Exploratory Study of Childhood Socialization into Sport Fromme, Marie Lim 1980-07
Unanimous Group Solutions: Normative Solutions and Sex Differences of Emergent Group Leaders Fulton, Robert Frank 1984-05
Goals of the Local Religious Organization Gnewuch, Donald Edgar 1973-05
Functions of Sport: a Study of Perceptions and Involvement Grove, Stephen John 1979-07
Impact of Cross-cultural Interaction on Cultural Values: a Study of Chinese Students Guan, Jian 1996-05
Beyond the Streets: a Comparative Study of the Encounters of Two Communities with Urban Renewal Gubera, Conrad Eugene 1979-12
Measuring the Effectiveness of Programs in a State Correctional Treatment Oriented Institution: a Panel Study Harrison, James Harold 1974-07
Baptized with the Holy Spirit: Believers' Experiences in the Charismatic Movement Heflebower, Lori Jane 1982-05
Social Dyad as Operant in Interview Process Hodgin, John Edward 1971-05
American Race Relations: A Structural Analysis Howard, Dale Richard 1974-07
Case Study of the Impact of a Volunteer Program for Misdemeanants on the Offenders and the Court Howdeshell, Wayne Lee 1983-07
Cultural and Ethnic Patterns of Alcohol Consumption in a University Environment Hughes, Stella Platt 1981-12
Media Use Among Mennonites: Frame Alignment Processes and Group Identity Maintenance Iorio, Sharon Hartin 1991-05
Measurement of Teacher Attitudes in Relation to the "New Criticism" in American Education: an Analysis of a Six-week Institute in Sociology Johnson, Jr., William A. 1972-05
Sentence Length and Sentence Disparity: an Analysis and Clarification of a Problem in the Sociology of Law LaBeff, Emily Elizabeth 1978-07
Survival in the Tulsa Mountains: a Study of the Adaptive Imperative in Human Ecology Lamberton, IV, William John 1981-07
Meaning and Adjustment: A Study of Active Professionals, Professors and Clergy of a Southwestern State Lewis, Hobert Charles 1972-05
Social Psychological Solution to the Dilemma Between the Chicagoan and Iowan Schools of Symbolic Interaction Manuel, Ronnie Carmichael 1975-07
Family, Work and Gender in a Nonmetropolitan Community Maril, Andrea Fisher 1995-12
Socialization into and out of Sport : Models Predicting Sports Involvement and Termination Martin, Douglas E. 1990-05
Recurrent Status Validation Processes: An Extension and Assessment with Emphasis on the Adult Protective Services Evaluation and the Role of Status Characteristics in the Creation of the Abused Elder Martin, William Daniel 1996-05
Comparison of Success Rates for House Arrest Inmates and Community Treatment Center Residents Mathur, Minu 1987-12
Cohort-Centric Stereotypes: Socioeconomic and Socio-Demographic Correlates Miller, Richard B. 1981-05
Study of Behavioral Expectations and Aging Mitchell, James Paul 1980-05
Expectations and Experiences of Older College Students: a Comparative Study of Two-year and Four-year Institutions of Higher Education Moore, Krista S. 1987-12
In Their Own Voices: Juveniles' Attributions for their Delinquent Behaviors Murray, Barbara Percival 1991-07
Empirical Evaluation of Neutralization Theory and Its Relation to Self-reported Juvenile Delinquency Norris, Terry D. 1976-12
Emergent Form of Existential Consciousness Through a Dialectical Process of Act and Agency O'Connor, Daniel F. 1974-12
College Experience and Tolerance: A Study of Intervening Variables Ogle, Nancy Jane 1972-07
Social Organization of Nigerian Law Enforcement: Its Effects on Police-public Relations Okereke, Godpower Onyebuchi 1992-05
Police: a Profile of Selected Attitudes and Occupational Socialization Parker, William Dan 1980-07
Leisure Activity and Adjustment to the Retirement Process Peppers, Larby Gene 1973-12
Study of Organization Size, Administrative Component, and Complexity among National Voluntary Associations Pranter, Charles Arthur 1979-05
Social Depersonalization as a Function of Social Setting: a Study of the Social Effects of Mechanized Approaches in Higher Education Quiett, Kenneth Ray 1977-07
Study of a Small Town High School as a Subculture Redden, Carl Ray 1971-07
Process of Retirement Migration to a Rural Oklahoma Community Reed, Douglas P. 1992-12
Whose Goals? A Sociological Analysis of Member Perceptions of the Goal Structure of the Public Junior College Reed, Larry William 1975-07
Dynamic Theory of World Press Action and Motivation Schillinger, Elisabeth Hupp 1992-07
Awareness of Finitude and Disengagement in Old Age Residential Environments Sill, John Stewart 1978-05
Marital Expectations: a Gender-based Preconstruction of Reality Smith, John Steven 1985-07
Social Sciences: A Critique of Positivism Soutar, Richard Glenn 1996-12
Problems and Process of Identity Maintenance in the Anti-nuclear Movement in America: a Qualitative Analysis Tate, Don David 1982-12
Comparative Study of Differentials and Similarities Between Rural and Urban Juvenile Delinquency Recidivism Taylor, George Shedrick 1972-07
The Artistic Presentation of the Male Self in the Wiccan Genre Teague, John 1995-07
Impact of College Socialization: Phase I of a Longitudinal Cohort Analysis Thompson, William Edwin 1979-05
Reality Hackers: Selfhood, Online Chat, and Computer-mediated Symbolic Interaction Waskul, Dennis D. 1997-05
Longitudinal Study of Prison Recidivism with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and the Purpose in Life Test Wheaton, David Kenneth 1972-05
Collective Conscience in Complex Society: A Study in the Sociology of Sport Wilkerson, Martha Frances 1973-07
Empirical Examination of a Closed Information System: A Study in the Sociology of Knowledge Woodman, William Franklin 1973-05
Race and Sex as Differential Factors in Adolescent Socialization Appiah, Albert 1983-05
Comparitive Analysis of the Incidence, Type and Trends of Child Abuse Downing, Leo Charles, Jr. 1980-07
Test of Perceived Utopian Characteristics at a Sectarian University Fagin, Ralph Bernard 1974-07
Marriage Go-Round: an Exploratory Study of Multiple Marriage Fox, Jamia Elaine 1982-05
Sociological Formulations of Economic and Political Ideologies Freedman, Alex Samuel 1975-07
Study of Vocal Intensity in Dyadic Interaction Guy, Rebecca Faith 1971-07
Loneliness, Change, and the Construction of Reality: a Theoretical Investigation Hancock, Barry Wood 1982-12
Socio-Economic Study of Six All-Black Towns in Oklahoma Humphrey, Charles Allen 1973-07
Comparative Analysis of the Social and Personal Selves of the Counselor, the Volunteer, and the Non-volunteer Johnson, Thomas Roger 1974-12
Empirical Explication of Issues in Containment Theory Long, Janet Ruth 1976-07
Interaction with Kinsmen in Northern Europe Maloney, Susan Caviness 1974-07
Study of Suburban Street Forms in Relation to Single Family Neighboring: A Gestalt Approach Mayo, Jr., James Marvin 1974-05
Intrafamilial Interaction Analysis McBride, Wilburn Eugene 1973-05
Orientations of Married Pairs to Four Dimensions of Sociocultural Time McCormick, Flavia Daily 1968-05
Measures of Kuwaiti Wives' and Husbands' Attitudes on Fertility Moustafa, Samraa Ahmed Anbar 1980-12
Proxemic Behavior: a Conceptual and Methodological Reconstruction Portrey, Max Philip 1980-05
Study of the Relationship of Positive and Negative Labeling to Self-Images Reed, Zelma Delores 1974-07
Factors Influencing Foreign Students' Adjustments and Attitudes in the Community of Oklahoma State University Shandiz, Mahmood Taali 1981-05
Model of Youth Tolerance Limits and Juvenile Delinquency Sharp, Paul M. 1983-05
Value Orientations and Normative Dissensus: A Theory of Drug Use Traub, Stuart Harmon 1973-05


Title of Thesis Name Date
Racial Residential Segregation and Access to Health Care Coverage: A Multilevel Analysis Anderson, Kathryn Freeman 2011-05
Payne County Drug Court Inc: A Structural and Processural Evaluation of Therapeutic Jurisprudence Badoe, Jesse William 2011-12
Pendululm of Change: Oklahoma's Juvenile Justice Belusko, Jan Wallace 2006-05
"Gore"-ing the IPCC: How U.S. Conservative Media Has Framed the Climate Change Debate Elsasser, Shaun 2009-12
Influence of Gender on Disaster Volunteers: An Exploratory Study of Mennonite Disaster Service Fernandes-Flack, Jessica 2012-12
Humanizing the Dead: Ghosts, Spirits and the Role of the Specialists in Spiritualism 1850 to the Present. Hodges, Stan 2002-12
Proud Voices : An Analysis of First Nation Oppostiion to the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project Johnson, Kevin 2013-05
Grassroots Environmental Activism in the Tar Creek Basin: The Case of Picher, Oklahoma Kennedy, Dennis K. 2002-08
Mapping Power Plant Inequalities Kosmicki, Sarah 2013-05
Importance of Emotion in Creating Collective Identity in the Stillwater League of Women Voters an Exploratory Case Study Murer, Joanne 2008-05
"Dream Deferred": Undocumented Students and Higher Education Nguyen, Jenny  2013-07
Missing Links: an Examination of Collective Identity and Ritual in the American Militia Movement Petrin, Daniel Thomas 2011-07
Against the Grain: Collective Identity and the Grassfed Livestock Movement in Oklahoma Raridon, Andrew 2013-05
Newspaper Coverage of Environmental Problems in China: An Analysis of Three Chinese Newspapers Rong, Cheng 2009-05
The Ritualization of Communication Developments: Institutions and McDonaldized Communication of Everyday Life Schmidt, Timothy William 2011-12
Media Framing of Nuclear Energy in France Before and After Fukushima Schweitzer, Julie 2013-05
Virtual Rituals: Structural Ritualization Theory and Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games Simpson, Joseph M. 2008-05
College Students' Preference Toward Benevolent Sexist Mates Spencer, Kevin W. 2006-05
Interracialism and Contemporary Religion White, Wayne Samuel 2007-05
Examination of the Decline of Cross-National Homicide Trends, 1995-2006 Wilkinson, Ashley N. 2013-05
Second Chance in Oklahoma? A Review of National Re-entry Trends and Oklahoma's Effort to Prepare Inmates For Life After Incarceration Adney, Cara Domenica 2006-07
Women and Microcredit: A study of Female Involvement in Small Business Enterprise Akella, Umasundari Srivenkata 1999-12
Pedophilia: Professed Motivations and Treatment Processes Allen, Marguerite Hope 1992-05
Panel Study of Community-based Offenders:One-year and Two-years Recidivism Compared Al-Mosleh, Hmoud 1989-12
Prison Marriage: A Pilot Study Amey, Donna Marie 1986-12
Impact of Industrialization on Fertility in the United States Arafat, Ibtihaj Said 1968-07
Community Orientation and Involvement Patterns of University Professors Astle, Doris J. 1975-07
Employment and Training Patterns of Native Americans on the Osage Reservation Baldwin, George David 1978-12
Violent Juvenile Crime: A Correlation Study Between At-Risk Factors Associated with Juvenile Crime and 1996 Violent Juvenile Crime Arrest Rates in Oklahoma Barlow, Donna Marie 1999-07
Impact of the Media on False Public Perception of Tornado Safety Precautions Bartlett, Jeff N. 2005-07
Academics Versus Athletics: An Examination Of The Effects Of Background And Socialization On African-American Male Student-Athletes Beamon, Krystal K. 2001-05
Hydraulic Fracturing as Technological Hazard: Applying the Community Capitals Framework to Stakeholder Narratives in an Oil and Gas Community Beaven, James Mark 2016-04
Career Development of Upperclass Students at Oklahoma State University Bell, Laura Stott 1982-05
Perceptions of Attraction and Gender Identity Based on Georg Simmel's Essay on "fashion" Bolin, Brien Lee 1988-12
Factors Influencing Migration, Occupational Choice, and Educational Aspirations of Rural Youth Bourdette, John Robert 1970-05
National-Local Interface of Social Control: The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Winston-Salem Branch of the Black Panther Party Brame, Wendy Jean 2006-07
Examination of Gay Pride as a Collective Identity for Gay Males Within the Gay and Lesbian Social Movement Bratschi, Chad E. 1996-07
Effects of the Political Economy in the Construction of Race Categories : Case Study of the Osage Nation Burns, Jackie Rene 1993-07
Status of Youth 15 to 24 Years of Age, Still in the Homes of Parents of Rural Relief and Non-Relief Households in Two Counties in Oklahoma Calhoon, Leva M. 1937
Socialization of Energy Beliefs and Values Camp, David Andrew 1991-12
Education of Inmates and Recidivism Campbell, Kimberly S. 1998-12
"Catch'em Early Before They Get Caught Up." A First-Time Offender Program as a Deterent to a Life of Crime Cephus-Wilson, Corinice Lynn 2003-08
Comparisons Between Experiential Effects and Deterrent Effects on Alcohol Consumption and Drunk Driving Chao, Wei 1991-07
Punitiveness of University Students of Oklahoma: an Exploratory Study Choudhuri, Mirinmaya 1983-12
Replication of Social Class and Racial Cleavages Upon Major Social Indicators Clayton, Rodney Edward 2005-07
Middle Class Is Moving into the Slums Collins, Stanley 2016-07
Chicano Nationalism: The Brown Berets and Legal Social Control Correa, Jennifer G. 2006-07
Municipal Recreation Services for the Able Elderly in Oklahoma: an Unexplored Frontier Curtis, Linda Laverne Kroamer 1989-05
I Don't Read for the Sex: Romance Readers and Identity Management Daniels, Mary Heather 2003-12
Being Fat in a Thin Culture Davis, Carol Whipple 1989-07
Childhood Socialization: Chinese Parents and American Peers Dehart, Stephanie 1998-05
Green Space Distribution and Environmental Justice in Oklahoma City Delano, Daisha Lee 2015-07
Study Of Selected Variables And Their Relationship To Victims' And Offenders' Willingness To Participate In A Resorative Justice Program Dick, Jaime L. 2002-12
Cyberbodies: Self and Bodily Interactions Online Douglass, Mark A. 1997-07
Residential Setting, Adaptive Behavior, and Satisfaction among Older Persons with Developmental Disabilities Dunsmore, Michael Wayne 1993-07
Long-Term Consequences of Abstinence Education Elias, Vicky Lee 2007-07
Decolonizing Gender: Gender, Collective Identity, and Grievance Construction in the Idle No More Movement Facci, Anna Catherine 2014-12
Negotiation Processes in Non-Visible Stigma: the Case of Venereal Disease Fox, Jamia Elaine 1978-12
Quantum Model of Human Beings in Postmodern Society Fullerton, Amanda Yvette 1993-05
Assortative Mating in a Negro Population in Rural Oklahoma Gaston, Jr., Edward Aaron 1940
Trend Study of Psychotropic Medicine Usage by Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Gee, Richard L. 2000-05
Sex Role Stereotypes and Manifest Anxiety: A Cross Generational, Cross Cultural Analysis Gonzalez, Dahlia 1989-07
Differences in Quality of Life Between Supported Living and Group Homes: a Longitudinal Comparision Green, Mark D. 1996-07
Tolerance Levels for Defeat and Social Class: An Exploratory Study Guy, Rebecca Faith 1970-05
Faculty Women with Children at Home: a Descriptive Analysis Of Role Attitudes Held by Female Academics and Their Methods Of Coping with Role Multiplicity Hagle, Claudette Schroeder 1980-12
Uses of Power in the Child Welfare System: a Study of the Family and the Service Delivery System Hamilton, Lisa 1994-07
Violent and Non-violent Offenders and Differences on Recalled Parental Control Practices Hancock, Barry W. 1980-07
Consequences of Rape and Sexual Assault for the Female Victim: Victims' Perception Heaton, Irene Leontine 1979-05
Sociology: the Development and Consequences of a Science of Society Holland, Robert Charles 1978-07
Women's Perceptions of Disaster Response: A Case Study in Moore, Oklahoma Holmes, Alexandra 2016-05
Relationship of Homelessness-disenfranchisement and Criminality Hopkins, Kathleen Leibach 1993-05 
Alienation Among International Students Howard, Elizabeth A. 1994-12
Examination of How Knowledge and Attitudes About Alcohol Impact on Drinking Behavior and Drunk Driving Howe, Todd Anthony 1988-12
Mother-Child Conversation: A Study of Dyadic Interaction Howsden, Jackie Lea 1977-07
Ideology and Social Construction of Reality --- A Case Study on Music Therapy Huang, Qiang 1999-07
Relationship of Background Characteristics to Level of Moral Reasoning Hughes, Stella Platt 1976-05
Social Dimensions of Learning Disability and Its Impacton the University: A Case Study Jack, Daniel G. 2000-07
Success under Probation and Parole Supervision : a Maturation and Gender Comparison Jackson, Lynda L. 1993-05
Certain Aspects of Illegitimacy in Tulsa, Oklahoma Johnson, Hesekiah Lorenzo 1951-07
Black Student Attitudes: A Study of Alienation at Oklahoma State University Johnson, Ronald Lee 1975-07 
Emperical Assessment of White Nationalist Ideology on a College Campus Jones, Michael R. 2003-12
Dropping out: Female Ex-alcoholics Anonymous Attendees and the Process of Labeling Joyce, Angela K. 1989-12
'Educating a Girl Is like Repairing Someone Else's Wall': Assessing Women's Motivation for Attending Secondary School in Kathmandu, Nepal Karki, Srijana 2016-05
International Student Adjustment to Life at Oklahoma State University Kebede, Alemseghed 1994-12
Socio-ecological System (Ses) Resilience and Water Governance in Oklahoma Kerner, Bridget Eileen 2015-05
Ideological and Value Conflict in University Scientists and Technicians Contracted for Work on Environmental Impact Statements Kling, Anne Marie Sherman 1977-07
Metropolitan Dominance: a Case Study of Tourism in Oklahoma City Ko, Sung Ho 1985-12
Gender Symmetry, Anger, and the Co-occurrence of Violence Krey, Devon T. 2016-05
Social Justice Movement: Vocabularies of Motive and Social Change Krueger, Sharon Corn 1989-12
Skid Row: A Descriptive Analysis Lamberton, IV, William John 1974-05
Social Psychological Effects of Deinstitutionalization on the Wishes of People with Developmental Disabilities, a Five Year Study Loconto, David G. 1995-07
Constructing a Heterosexual Self: A Qualitative Study of Fundamentalist Christian Gay Men and Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy Lowe, Gabe K. 2001-08
Meaning and Motives: the Social Construction of Delinquent Identity Lusk, Steven Hal 1976-05
Bank Ordering of Various Factors - in Parole Prediction Mathur, Minu 1981-12
Giver of American Christmas Gift Giving in a Family Relation Matsutani, Toshiko 1993-05
Comparison of Rural Relief and Non- Relief Households of Two Oklahoma Counties in Relation to Social and Economic Organization McCollum, Mattie Faye 1938
Social Correlatives of Desire for Children McGlamery, Charles Donald 1950-04
Professionalization of Profilers Messer, Chris M. 2005-05
Exploratory Analysis of Compliance to Authority and Authoritarian Tendencies Among Selected Students of Higher Education Metscher, Richard James 1968-07
Construction of Homelessness in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a Social Problem Miller, Shana Marie 1990-07
Employment for People with Developmental Disabilities: The Impact of Oklahoma's State Use Law Minton, Carol A. 1999-12
Effect of Attitudes Concerning Equal Opportunity, Race-specific Policy, and Social Contact on Black/white Relations Monk, David Lamarr 1994-05
Socialization and Responsibility Scores of First-term Vs. Multi-term Offenders Moore, David Ernest 1987-05
Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect in High-risk Populations: Development of the Home-help Program Murray, Barbara Percival 1986-05 
Effect of Government on the Distribution of Income: Evaluations and Explanations Olson, Carol Voiles 1979-05
Analysis of Syllable Strings and Pauses Found in Mother/Child Conversation in Relation to Child's Academic Performance Palmer, Judy Lynn 1978-07
Racial Attitudes of Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College Students Paschke, John Wright 1940
Comparative Study of the Attitudes of Male and Female Delinquents Toward Parental Authority, Opposite Sex, Family Life and Reforming Peek, Carol Loftin 1973-12
Subcultural Ties in Prison as a Function of Outside Contacts Phansalkar, Tara A. 1977-07
Problems of Integrating Religious/spiritual Aspects of Life with Self--sexual Orientation : a Qualitative Study of Homosexuals' Experiences Phillips, Gay Elizabeth 1991-05
Deinstitutionalization and Accompanying Changes Among People with Development Disabilities Porteen, Shana L. 2000-05
Behm Home, Incorporated: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Community Treatment for Delinquent Boys Presnall, Nancy Jane 1976-07
"She's Just a Normal Girl": ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue and the Framing of Women Athletes Pruitt, Laken N. 2015-07
Magnitude, Trends, and Ecology of Juvenile Arrests in Tulsa, Oklahoma : a Longitudinal Study, 1970 Through 1989 Raney, Bobby Neil 1991-05
Embodiment of Age and Gender: Body Image among Older Adults Reddick, Kathleen Julia 2017-05
Level of Aspiration: Its Familial Determinants Reed, Zelma Delores 1969-05
Consensus and Conflict in a Rural Community Rexroat, Brenda L. 1992-12
Card-Carrying Indian: The Social Construction of an American Indian Legal Identity Robertson, Dwanna Lynn 2010-07
Role Stasis: An Exploratory Study in Alienation and Anomie Among Female Administrative Assistants Romeis, James Charles 1970-07
"The Saudi Arabia of Wind": Energy Identities and Conflict in a Historic Oil Town Samms, Grant Perry 2016-07
Bureaucratic Ideology: a Form of Violence Satterfield, Douglas Reid 1980-05
Success or Failure in the Correctional Process: the Clients' Perspective Sharp, Paul M. 1980-07
Characteristics of Juvenile Delinquents Certified to Stand Trial as Adults in Tulsa County in 1974, 1975 & 1976 Shaw, Billy M. 1979-07
Reception to New Agricultural Practices by the Ethiopian Farmer, as Viewed by Selected Change Agents of Oklahoma State University Siegel, Martha Royce 1963-08
Strengthening Expectations for Performance by Means of Social Policy: The Case of Affirmative Action Simpson, Scott 1998-05
Prison Marriages Sinn, Susan 1992-07
Influence of Employment on Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Stephens, Dawn L. 2000-12
Influence of Power in Climate Change Media: Framing Strategies and Field Dynamics of Institutional Actors, 1990-2015 Straub, Adam Michael 2017-07
Juvenile Felony Offender : Characteristics, Services Rendered, and Recidivism Sumner, Gary Wayne 1984-05
Community Orientations of Three Types of Residents Thompson, James Marshall 1968-07
Personal Motivators Influencing Law Enforcement Career Applicants Thrasher, Ronald Ray 1992-12
Social Aspects of Marihuana Use: Homogeneity, Normative Structure, and Behavioral Patterns Among Occasional and Regular Users of Marihuana Traub, Stuart Harmon 1968-05
Studying the Rural Elderly: An Ethnography Turner, Kay Lynn 1988-12
Inmate-Mothers and their Children Turner, Maria Posey 1977-12
Ecolocical Study of Oklahoma Farms and Farm Population Turner, Robert E. 1961-05
Non-white Population Trends in Oklahoma Population Centers, 1930 and After Urbon, Joseph Charles 1963-08
Emotional Abuse Among Dating Partners in a Rural Setting: An Exploratory Study Waldo, Kristin Greta 2009-07
Study of Incarcerated Offenders Non-Participation in Vocational Training Programs Wallman, Theodore David 1992-12
Comparison of Male and Female Offenders under Community Supervision Welker, Denise D. 1989-05
Assessment of Haskell County Law Enforcement Officers' Attitudes and Behaviors Toward the Community Westbrooks, Shawn J. 1996-07
Adoption of National Manpower Standards for Corrections in the United States: A Survey Wilcox, Harold Wayne 1975-07
Length of Life of Noted People Williamson, Ernest Leroy 1937
When Left Is Never Right: A Sociological Analysis of Left-Handedness Williamson, Michelle Rene 1992-12
Determination of Need for a Day Care Center for the Elderly in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Utilizing a Needs Assessment Survey Woodburn, William Michael 1979-07
Community Leaders and Church Life: An Exploration of Religious Participation Among Community Leaders in a Small Oklahoma City Wyneken, Gerald Ernest 1984-07
Religious, Social, and Family Influences in the Socialization of Arab Muslim Women Akashah, Mary Scoboria 1980-12
Career Development of Upperclass Students at Oklahoma State University Bell, Laura Stott 1982-05
Study of Female Familial Roles as Evaluated by Black Women Bell, Patricia A. 1974-07
Descriptive Study of Present Health Practices in Selected Rural Oklahoma Communities: In Conjunction with a Series of Studies Relating to a Physician's Assistant Program Bixler, Terry Jack 1971-07
Classification of the Variables of Social Class, Ecological Place, and Leadership in Urban Church Congregations Chalfant, H. Paul 1967-05
Study of the Effect of Interaction Among Variables Affecting Conformity Dean, Terry Ann 1974-05
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