Careers in public policy require exceptional written and verbal communication skills and an understanding of public policy issues. Sociology gives students the necessary tools to investigate social problems, their causes, and potential solutions, which are critical aspects of a career in public policy. Taking courses in areas such as environmental issues or juvenile delinquency helps students to not only gain a solid understanding of the related social issues, but also to obtain the skill-sets needed to translate this knowledge into public policy.

Related Coursework:

  • SOC 2123: Social Problems
  • SOC 3213: American Society and Culture
  • SOC 3423: Urban Sociology
  • SOC 3523: Juvenile Delinquency
  • SOC 3953: Applied Sociology
  • SOC 4433: Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 4453: Environmental Inequality
  • SOC 4533: World Population Problems
  • SOC 4850: Internship in Sociology

Picture: "Santa Clara Valley "The Valley of Heart's Delight"" by Michael/Sanjosecalifornia - own work. Licensed under CC 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons. No changes except for size.