Undergraduate Student Scholarship Awards


Normally we would be honoring our Undergraduate students with a ceremony in front of their peers, friends, family, and other OSU community. However, due to recent circumstances, we've chosen to postpone our annual awards ceremony indefinitely, and would like you to join us in congratulating our Undergraduate awardees here!

  1. The O.D. Duncan Award, named after the individual who established the Department of Sociology and Rural Life in 1936 at Oklahoma A&S (OSU). Is it awarded to one student per year with a 3.5 GPA or Higher, and an outstanding scholar who represents the discipline.

We are pleased to award the O.D Duncan Award to Lexie Taylor! Congratulations Lexie!

  1. The Mabel Dixon Looper Award was established by the family of Mabel Dixon Looper in her honor; she was the first female to earn a Master's degree in Sociology at OSU. The award is given to one sophomore student each year  with female preference

We are pleased to award the Mabel Dixon Looper Award to Leigh Welch! Congratulations Leigh!

  1. The Richard Dodder Award, was established as a result of Dr. Dodder receiving the 1995 Oklahoma Medal for Excellence in Teaching at the college/university level from the Oklahoma Foundation For Excellence. The scholarship is given to one student that shows excellence in the dicipline of Sociology in areas like internship, research, volunteer work, campus involvement, etc.

We are pleased to award the Richard Dodder Award to Haleigh Trevino! Congratulations Haleigh!

  1. The Benjamin Gregory Wood Award, was established by the parents of Benjamin Gregory Wood in his memory. The award is given to one student per year, with the family requesting the funding go to a student who plans to pursue a career related to substance abuse in some way -- education, prevention, working with abusers, counseling, etc.

We are pleased to award the Benjamin Gregory Wood Award to Beverly Schooling! Congratulations Beverly!

  1. The Outstanding Senior Award is awarded to one senior per year, who has demonstrated excellence in scholarship, leadership and service to campus and community and have brought distinction to the Sociology discipline.

We are pleased to award the Outstanding Senior Award to Chloe Cavins! Congratulations Chloe!

The Department of Sociology would like to congratulate all the awardees! We are so proud of your hard work, and look forward to seeing more!


More information on The Department of Sociology's scholarships can be found here.

More information on how to donate to The Department of Sociology's scholarship funds can be found here.