Sociology 2018 Newsletter

SOCIOLOGY NEWSLETTER | Issue #3 1 Sociology M A Y 2 0 1 8 From the Department Head: Spotlight on Faculty Research 3 Sociology & Anthropology on the Road 4 ...and in the streets 5 Faculty Promotions 6 The Department is Growing! 7 Catching Up With Alumni 8 & 9 Undergraduate Commencement Fall 2018 10 2017 Graduate Degree Recipients 11 Jane Thomas, Distinguished Alumnus 12 Graduate Student Awards and Publications 13 Graduate Student Presentations 14 & 15 Alpha Kappa Delta Inductees 16 Undergraduate Awards 17 Undergraduate Internships & Honors Theses 18 & 19 Inside this issue: Dear Friends of the OSU Sociology Department: It’s been another exciting and productive year for OSU Sociology! We are excited to share highlights of the past year in this newsletter. But first, I want to thank the people whose time and talents went into putting this newsletter and the department’s regular social media updates together—Drs. Heather McLaughlin and Kelley Sittner, and Administrative Support Specialist, Debby Sweet. To stay up to date on the news from OSU Sociology, I invite you to visit our website regularly. During the 2017‐18 academic year, the department has been fortunate to welcome two new faculty, Dr. Liesel Ritchie and Dr. Mike Long. In addition, the fall we will be welcoming Dr. Jonathan Coley and Dr. Rachel Schmitz to the department as Assistant Professors. I encourage you to read more about these new faculty and their work on page 7. Also notable over the past year are the prestigious awards, honors and promotions received by OSU Sociology faculty! Dr. Kelley Sittner was promoted to Associate Pro‐ fessor with tenure. Dr. Tammy Mix was named the Laurence L. and Georgia Ina Dresser Professor in Rural Sociology. And Dr. Duane Gill was selected for the distinction of Regents Professor, the most prestigious recognition a faculty member can receive for scholarly accomplishments at OSU (see highlights on page 6). OSU Sociology’s undergraduate and graduate programs continue to thrive. News about Sociology’s undergraduate, Masters and PhD students’ accom‐ plishments, and about our alumni are featured on pages 8‐17 of the news‐ letter. These stories highlight the many awards that OSU students and alumni have received throughout the year as well as the professional presentations and publications of our graduate students. The department takes great pride in the fact that our students receive the training they need while at OSU to pursue careers in Sociology and in a wide range of related occupations. We also take great pride in the many successes of our alumni. You’ll find news about our most recent graduates on page 11 of this issue, Continued on page 2 Newsletter