Sociology 2016 Newslette

SOCIOLOGY NEWSLETTER | Issue #1 16 “What You Can do with a Sociology Degree: One Alum’s Experience” A Message from Jim Troxel On April 6, Jim Troxel, OSU Sociology Alum from 1968, gave an informative and motivating lecture titled ”What You Can Do with a Sociology Degree: One Alum’s Experience.” Faculty and students gathered to hear the broad array of career opportunities available for sociologists, and the ways in which sociological knowledge and methods can be applied in a wide range of fields. Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Jim earned his Bachelor’s degree in sociol- ogy from Oklahoma State University in 1968. Following graduation, he moved to Chicago where he became a facilitation and training expert special- izing in the fields of citizen and employee partic- ipation, strategic planning, change management, organizational learning, and systemat- ic change. His career in community and organizational development and leadership training spans over 45 years and a dozen countries. Additionally, Jim received a graduate degree from De Paul University in Chi- cago where he served as an adjunct faculty for 20 years. As a board mem- ber of the Institute of Cultural Affairs, his mission is to build a just and equi- table society in harmony with planet earth through empowering the cultur- al dimensions of the social processes. He is also facilitating Cowboy Technol- ogy Angels, a group of OSU alumni who have invested in business spin- outs from the university's research. Sociology student Jesse Wannebo and her daughter, 10-year-old future Sociologist Eden Wannebo, enjoyed learning about future career opportunities in the field of Sociology.