Why Study Social Movements?

Sociologists study social movements to understand how collective action can transform social order, cultural values and ideologies, economic relations, and hierarchies. Professional sociologists study strategies used to establish connections among organizers and explore how people and ideas migrate, generating transnational connections.

Oklahoma State University faculty interests include: environmental movements, organization networks, anti-environmentalism as a counter-movement, group processes, social networks and political sociology.


Faculty: Dr. Jonathan Coley, Dr. Monica Whitham, Dr. Tamara Mix, Dr. Chad Malone, Dr. Andrew Fullerton

Social Movements Coursework

Social movement graduate courses:

  • SOC 5323: Seminar on Collective Behavior & Social Movements
  • SOC 5493: Seminar on Environmental Justice
  • SOC 5990: Advanced Topics in Sociology

Want to Learn More?

For more information about the graduate social movements concentration area, please contact:

Dr. Jonathan Coley
Department of Sociology
Oklahoma State University
460 Social Sciences and Humanities
Stillwater, OK  74078-4062
Phone: (405) 744-6122