Why Study Social Inequality?

Social inequality focuses on the structural sources and individual consequences of racism, sexism and economic exploitation in society, as well as the social processes sustaining these inequities. Professional sociologists use a holistic approach to analyze power dynamics and systems of oppression in society, and ways that social policies can address and reduce these inequalities.

Oklahoma State University faculty interests include: health and illness, environmental inequality, occupations and organizations, crime and punishment, race/class/gender relations, and stratification.

Faculty: Dr. Jonathan Coley, Dr. Jean Van Delinder, Dr. Jared FitzgeraldDr. Michael Long, Dr. Tamara Mix, Dr. Andrew Fullerton, Dr. Chad Malone, Dr. Heather McLaughlin, Dr. Rachel Schmitz, Dr. Kelley Sittner,

Social Inequality Coursework

A list of graduate seminars offered within the social inequality speciality is provided below. In addition, our M.S. and Ph.D. students have opportunities to teach and work as teaching assistants in many undergraduate courses focused on this broad and encompassing area.

  • SOC 5063: Seminar on Social Inequality & Stratification
  • SOC 5323: Seminar on Collective Behavior & Social Movements
  • SOC 5493: Seminar in Environmental Justice
  • SOC 5643: Gender and Society
  • SOC 5663: American Pluralism: Race & Ethnicity in American Life
  • SOC 5950: Gender, Sexuality, and Law
  • SOC 5950: Green Criminology
  • SOC 5990: Advanced Topics in Social Inequality
  • SOC 6463: International Issues in Environmental Sociology

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