Why Study Environmental Sociology?

Environmental sociology is the study of the relationship and interactions between societies and the environment. Professional environmental sociologists research a wide range of topics including agrifood systems, social perceptions of environmental problems, human-induced environmental degradation, the social distribution of environmental hazards, and natural disasters.

Oklahoma State University faculty interests include: environmental movements, environmental organization networks, environmental attitudes and worldviews, anti-environmentalism as a counter-movement, global environmental change, environmental justice, environmental inequalities, and sociology of disasters.

Faculty: Dr. Jared Fitzgerald, Dr. Michael Long, Dr. Tamara Mix

Environmental Sociology Coursework

Environmental sociology graduate courses:

  • SOC 5463: Seminar in Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 5493: Seminar in Environmental Justice
  • SOC 5950: Green Criminology
  • SOC 6460: Advanced Studies in Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 6463: International Issues in Environmental Sociology

Want to Learn More?

Please direct any questions related to our environmental sociology programs to the committee chair:

Dr. Michael Long
Department of Sociology
Oklahoma State University
462 Social Sciences and Humanities
Stillwater, OK  74078-4062