Why Study Criminology and Deviance?

Criminology and deviance focuses on the scientific study of criminal behavior and their causes, effects and social impact, as well as criminal justice institutions. Professional criminologists aim to predict, deter and prevent further criminal behavior by researching the impacts of social forces such as economics, social conflict, social class, victimization, opportunity to offend, and group behavior.
Oklahoma State University faculty interests include: law and society, comparative legal systems, politics of the criminal justice system, imprisonments, social control/punishment & race, U.S. drug policy, policing, stratification and inequality, youth and the transition to adulthood, mental health, and substance use.

Faculty: Dr. Bin Liang, Dr. Michael Long, Dr. Chad Malone, Dr. Heather McLaughlin, Dr. Kelley Sittner.

Criminology and Deviance Coursework

Criminology and deviance graduate courses:

  • SOC 5343: Sociology of Law & Punishment
  • SOC 5583: Comparative Criminal Jusitce Systems
  • SOC 5950: Gender, Sexuality, and Law
  • SOC 5950: Green Criminology
  • SOC 5990: Advanced Topics in Criminology and Deviance
  • SOC 6753: Seminar in Deviance & Criminology

Want to Learn More?

For more information about the graduate crime and deviance concentration area, please contact:

Dr. Kelley Sittner
Department of Sociology
Oklahoma State University
471 Social Sciences and Humanities
Stillwater, OK  74078-4062