Spring Undergraduate Commencement

Sociology Department Events
05/09/2020 3:00 pm


Because of the ongoiong situation, all details for commencement ceremonies are tenative. 

For more information regarding commencement, or the commencement ceremony, please visit: https://commencement.okstate.edu/ or https://gradcollege.okstate.edu/grad-commencement.html

For up to date Coronavirus announcements, news, faqs, etc, please visit: https://go.okstate.edu/coronavirus/index.html

The Department of Sociology is housed under The College of Arts and Sciences. Therefore, Sociology undergraduates will be included in the third commencement ceremony.

The ceremony will be held at Gallagher Iba Arena at 3:00pm. The processional starts 2:45 pm.

The commencement ceremony will include undergraduates from:

The College of Arts & Sciences - which houses these majors: https://cas.okstate.edu/departments/department-list