In today's fluctuating economy, careers in business can be hard to find. Studying sociology gives you a diversified skill set that allows you to be competitive against other undergraduate majors in the business world. Many of America's largest companies actively seek out employees trained in the social sciences because their depth and breadth of knowledge can assist the company with many of the social and relational issues they are facing today, such as diversity in the workplace, communication, globalization, and management-employee relations. Additionally, sociology undergraduates possess a foundation of skills in social research and empirical analysis that are useful to market research departments found in all major corporations and other businesses.

Related Coursework:

  • SOC 3133: Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • SOC 3213: American Society and Culture
  • SOC 3223: Social Psychology
  • SOC 4043: Gender and Work
  • SOC 4133: Social Research Methods
  • SOC 4243: Quantitative Methods in Sociology
  • SOC 4383: Social Stratification
  • SOC 4463: Technology and Society

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