College can be expensive, but Oklahoma State University is dedicated to making your education as affordable as possible.


Current Undergraduates:

As a continuing or readmitted student, you will automatically be considered for general university scholarships; no separate application is required. There are many great scholarships awarded to continuing student through Oklahoma State University's colleges and departments that may require an additional application. For more information on the scholarships offered through The Department of Sociology see "Departmental Scholarships" below.
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Freshman Scholarships:

  • When you apply for admission to OSU, you are automatically considered for scholarships. 
  • Scholarship selection criteria vary, but can include academic performance, test scores, class rank, and your essay responses on the application for admission. Academic criteria are based on the cumulative unweighted GPA (4.0 scale).
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Transfer Scholarships:

  • All incoming undergraduate transfer students who are admitted are automatically considered for scholarships.
  • Scholarship selection criteria vary, but can include number of transfer credits earned as well as college GPA.
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Departmental Scholarships:

General Requirements:

For each departmental scholarship, a seperate application form is required to be filled out, with a resume attached.
Completed applications must be physically turned into The Department of Sociology's main office by 5:00pm on February 4 of each year.

The main office is located at 431 Murray, which is on the 4th floor of Murray Hall.
Map to Murray Hall

O.D. Duncan

OD Duncan

Photo courtesty of OSU Archives.


The recipient must be a Sociology major with a 3.5 or higher gpa. Preferably a senior, an outstanding scholar who represents the discipline.
(Recognition award/plaque, no money) (1 award per year) 

This award was established in the name of O.D. Duncan who established the Department of Sociology and Rural Life in 1936 at Oklahoma A&S (OSU). He was chairman of the department until his retirement in 1963. This was set up as a scholarship, but the funding dwindled, and the department decided to continue this as recognition of an outstanding student.

Richard Dodder



The recipient must be a Sociology major, show use of Sociology in areas like internship, research, volunteer work, campus involvement, etc.
(1 undergraduate and 1 graduate student award)

Dr. Richard Dodder established this scholarship as a result of receiving the 1995 Oklahoma Medal for Excellence in Teaching at the college/university level from the Oklahoma Foundation For Excellence. This endowment grew to its present level from the many additional, benevolent contributors. The scholarship may be given to any student classification level in recognition of excellence and achievement/use of Sociology.

Mabel Dixon Looper



The recipient must be a Sociology major, sophomore, preference to females, resident of OK, 3.25 or higher gpa. (1 award per year)

The Mabel Dixon Looper Scholarship was established by the family of Mabel Dixon Looper in her honor; she was the first female to earn a Master's degree in Sociology at OSU.

Benjamin Gregory Wood



The recipient must be a Sociology major, sophomore, with plans to pursue a career in some substance abuse related area. (1 award per year)

The Benjamin Gregory Wood Scholarship was established by the parents of Benjamin Gregory Wood in his memory. The family requested the funding go to a student who plans to pursue a career related to substance abuse in some way -- education, prevention, working with abusers, counseling, etc.

Outstanding Senior

Outstanding Senior


The recipient must be a Sociology major with a minimum of 3.5 gpa. This is a senior who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and use of sociology.
(1 award per year)(Recognition award/plaque, no money)(Recognized at the A&S College Banquet)

International Scholarships:

Oklahoma State University offers scholarships in varying amounts to qualified international undergraduate students. Scholarship awards vary from $4,000 to $10,000 per academic year. International students are automatically considered for scholarships by submitting a completed application for admission. No additional application for scholarship is required.

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Outside Scholarships:

There are many outside scholarship sources such as professional organizations, foundations, and corporations. Oklahoma State University's Scholarships and Financial Aid Office has more information and ways to help you contact those outside sources in case you have questions with eligibility. For more informaion click here.