Oklahoma State University

Emeriti Regents Professor

413 Murray Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078-4062
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Dr. David Knottnerus





Social psychology, social theory, ritual, social structure, inequality,
collective behavior and social movements


PhD: Southern Illinois University, 1981


David Knottnerus has published extensively in the areas of social theory, social psychology, group processes, social inequality and structure, and ritual dynamics. Most of his efforts in recent years have focused on the development of structural ritualization theory and research.  This perspective focuses on the role ritual plays in social life. A growing number of investigations have been and are currently being carried out employing the theory (see Structural Ritualization Theory and Research link for a description of this work and Structural Ritualization Theory and Research References link for books, articles, and book chapters utilizing this approach).


Dr. Knottnerus is the co-editor (with Bernard Phillips) of the book series "Advancing the Sociological Imagination" published by Paradigm Publishers (Boulder, CO). Other professional activities include his having served as the President of the Mid-South Sociological Association, having served as a member of the Council for the Theory Section, American Sociological Association, and being involved in the Sociological Imagination Group (see http://www.sociological-imagination.org).

His more recent books are Ritual as a Missing Link: Sociology, Structural Ritualization Theory and Research (Paradigm Publishers); coauthored with Jason S. Ulsperger,  Elder Care Catastrophe: Rituals of Abuse in Nursing Homes - and What You Can Do About It (Paradigm Publishers);  coauthored with Monica K. Varner, American Golf and the Development of Civility: Rituals of Etiquette in the World of Golf (LAP Lambert Academic Publishing); co-edited with Bernard Phillips, Bureaucratic Culture and Escalating World Problems: Advancing the Sociological Imagination (Paradigm Publishers); and, co-editing with Sing C. Chew, Structure, Culture, and History: Recent Developments in Social Theory (Rowan & Littlefield).