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The intent of the Department of Sociology at OSU is to help you to develop an understanding of the discipline of sociology and to apply sociological theories and research to the real world and to your life. Many different points of view are represented in the departmental faculty; all agree that sociology is an interesting field of study. Topics covered include anthropology, community, criminology, corrections, family, gerontology, social problems and deviance, research methods, social psychology, and theory. Numerous career alternatives exist for graduates with sociology backgrounds. A full-time adviser is available to assist you in selecting courses and to answer your questions related to career planning. Faculty members are also available to assist and advise students.

B.A. and B.S. degrees are offered in general sociology; these provide the opportunity to obtain a strong liberal arts degree and a good base for pursuing a professional or graduate degree. B.A. and B.S. degrees are offered with an emphasis in applied sociology (an internship is required); these include programs in social services, corrections, and juvenile treatment, and population and environment. B.A. and B.S. degrees are also offered in sociology with an emphasis in anthropology. The department offers a minor in Sociology as well as a minor in Anthropology.


Degree Requirements & Options

Undergraduate Adviser:  Dahlia.molloy@okstate.edu

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