Oklahoma State University

Jerrod Yarosh
Graduate Teaching Assistant

407 Murray Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078-4062
(405) 744-9455 (phone)
(405) 744-5780 (fax)
Jerrod Yarosh



SOC 1113.10 - Introductory Sociology
SOC 2123.2 - Social Problems

Social Psychology (particular small group experiments and Identity), Environmental Sociology, Environmental Justice, Urban Sociology

M.A. - Sociology, Kent State University, 2009
Post B.A. - Sociology, Kent State University, 2006
B.A. - Philosophy, Kent State University, 2005

I am currently a PhD student with focuses in Social Psychology and Environmental Sociology. My interest in these sub-disciplines stem from several factors. In regards to social psychology it stems from my degree in philosophy in which trying to understand the human condition was the ultimate goal. Social psychology allows me to focus on the human condition, but with data and more rigorous scientific methods that philosophy did not offer. Thus, being able to same something about the world that is more than a pontification. As for environmental sociology it stems from the fact that the environment is something that is constant in our lives and yet people seem to pay little attention to how it influences their lives. Again, trying to better understand the human condition. Current ongoing research projects are focusing on petition signing and environmental behaviors and related attitudes towards the world; a content analysis of magazine covers regarding how they portray environmental problems/issues; and how benign interactions with different gendered individuals alter their self-efficacy and what that means for subsequent behavior.