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A graduate degree in sociology offers unlimited opportunities for future career paths. Many of our M.S. graduates continue to our Ph.D. program, while others choose applied careers in the public or private sector. Specializing in a wide range of social topics including environment, crime and deviance, social movements, social inequality and social psychology, our graduates' research is used by lawmakers, social workers, economists, educators and others to solve social problems and formulate public policy.


The most lucrative industries for a sociologist as marked by The Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Burear of Labour Statistics


Teaching and conducting research continues to be the dominant career path among professional sociologists today. However, careers in applied fields are growing both in number and significance. Outside of academia, professional sociologists embark upon careers in corporate, non-profit and government worlds as directors of research, policy analysts, program managers, community developers, criminologists and many others.


The industries that employ the most professional sociologists according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Bureau of Labor Statistics